V-Nasty's Doin' Numbers: Abrasive, Odious — and Totally Enjoyable

V-Nasty entered 2012 with the stench of BAYTL all over her. A collaboration with her favorite rapper, Gucci Mane, the mixtape was received by critics as hip-hop's sloppiest shit-sandwich in a while. The Bay's V-Nasty and Atlanta's Gucci may have enjoyed a few larks in the studio while making the record, but it came off like the sound of a star-struck fan getting to meet their idol, instead of a couple of peers collaborating. (That neither V-Nasty nor Gucci are actually very good at rapping did not help matters.)

But now, with her long-promised solo mixtape, Doin' Numbers (free download), V-Nasty hasn't just redeemed herself — she's demonstrated the promise and pull that all of her early online hype and hatred warranted. Put simply, the 14-track project is the sound of the V-Nasty that came to infamy through that YouTube video of her strutting around Oakland cursing people out and generally embarking on anti-social behavior. The personality depicted in that clip was abrasive, uncompromising, and odious — which, when flipped into rap form, makes for an utterly endearing character.

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