Video: Lil B Talks About Rapping, I'm Gay, and the Closed-Mindedness of Hip-Hop

Earlier this year, Lil B, who spends a lot time talking about getting with women, decided to name an album I'm Gay. Although this announcement earned him death threats, it wasn't all that clear what he meant by it — especially after the album came out with the subtitle “I'm happy.” Was it just a lesson about semantics, or was Lil B trying to advocate for acceptance of gays in hip-hop?

We wanted to know. So for our cover story this week about Bay Area hip-hop, we had an extended conversation with 21-year-old Brandon McCartney about what he's trying to do with his music, his album titles, and the Based God persona in general. Check out a video after the jump, in which Lil B discusses all this and more.

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