Video of the Day: Jealousy

Neon beacons, a lo-res transfer and fuzzy symbology: it's art school-accessible. The video for Jealousy's “We're Having Your Children” reflects the experimental one-man-band rightly, venturing into trippy, blurry imagery we can all recognize. The S.F. psych rock realization of Mark Treise, Jealousy's brooding lyrics and insistent rhythms harness the threat of violence, the fear of pain.

With “We're Having Your Children” Jealousy frightens and warns: “I want your sons and daughters. I've come for your sons and daughers” but soon promises to lead the way to some enlightened consciousness, “I'll teach them joy,” if only by a dim light. The ascension of the dark, little intricacies and spooky, swelling layers compel me to listen further; the lyrics deepening the blow. Jealousy plays tonight at the Knockout and Wednesday at the Stork Club, and I'm trusting he'll bring on those creepy, mixed messages of good and evil, making you feel as if there's always someone in the dark, standing by.

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