Video Premiere: Crashing Hotels' “Could Ever Be True”


This is what San Francisco band Crashing Hotels dub their sound, and it's a classification that could easily place them in the same vein as an electro band like Cold Cave. But songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Ao Anderson and drummer Tony Bednar's project's is a brighter one; a dance rock vibe that relishes in the extravagance of life and despair isn't an option. Their essence is captured in the subject of today's post, “Could Ever Be True.”

It's a danceable track with a vibrance and free spirit to it, that still gives rise to an underlying darkness; a darkness that's appealing and draws you closer to the sound; a sound that makes you open your eyes as wide as they go until all you can do is move with the music. Crashing Hotels have painted these feelings in the track's new video, directed by Brian Chu from San Francisco production company The Werehaus. 

The video has an overt Fear and Loathing vibe, where the appetite for consumption keeps escalating into cinematic glory through the cryptic depths of the Mojave Desert. A theme of broken glass and windows, in and out of the desert's ominous structures, sets the tone for a harrowing trip into Sin City. Once the video's story arc leaves the desert and arrives in Las Vegas, it explores themes of passion, hedonism, and the frothy opulence that Vegas exudes.

A pristine billboard with the words “The Future Is Bright” gloss a frame before a gorgeous Cadillac becomes the vessel for the cavalcade into Vegas and the words never leave your brain when considering the trip that these promising artists could be on. 

We're excited to bring you the video premiere below and hit up the Crashing Hotels website to RSVP for the video premiere party this Saturday at Heron Arts in SOMA.

Enjoy the ride.

Join Crashing Hotels for a community-wide celebration of Bay Area music, artists, and creative culture at Heron Arts on Saturday June 13th, 2015 from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. 

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