Video Premiere: ‘Love Me Baby’ by Talkie

The S.F. band has mastered the art of bringing retro sounds into the present day.

Indie rock four-piece Talkie have a knack for balancing the old and the new.

The San Francisco quartet, currently enjoying some well-earned love on the Spotify Fresh Finds playlist excel at taking up the aesthetics and sounds from different decades and making them their own. For example, take a listen to the band’s 2016 track, “Mountain.” — reminiscent of a Fleetwood Mac B-side. Then there’s the video for their June 2019 release, “Fuzzy Disco,” which balances hyper saturated visuals with reverberating ’80s synths. A preview for the group’s September 2020 release, “Blue Underground,” opens with stop-motion images of ’70s film rolls and early ’60s surf guitars. Coordinated outfits, too, are clearly considered a must. 

Talkie’s 2021 video for “Love Me, Baby,” premiering here on SF Weekly, continues the trend. In the clip, the four men explore San Francisco’s iconic Lombard Street in pastel ensembles to the mellow strains of electric and acoustic guitars and Beach Boys harmonies. It’s a sugary love song made for stargazing and wasting time.

Local legend Beau Sorenson of Death Cab for Cutie and Tune-Yards mixed the track, though the band produces all of their own music at their own Bay Area facility “Headfone Audio.” 

The song is part of a series of Talkie single releases set for the first half of 2021 as the band aims to make a splash in an otherwise slow year for the local music scene. The band is based in San Francisco and has been making music since 2015. 
Learn more about Talkie and stay tuned for upcoming releases on their Bandcamp.

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