Wand: Show Preview

Los Angeles gentle-weirdo troupe Wand has just released its first album, Ganglion Reef, an alternately caustic and ecstatic affair filled with propulsive stoner rock and jammy psychedelia, interspersed with the occasional transcendental bliss-out. Think of an unholy yet basically irresistible marriage of The Doors and peak-era Weezer, with a little of the kind of good-natured nerdery that culminates in a song subtitled “Ctrl-Alt-Death.” Openers Hollow Sunshine cuts a pretty similar profile with half the personnel, making jagged-edged rock that's generally blistering and ponderous but with at least a hint of a sense of humor. Adding a layer of crunchy militancy to the same formula is Male Gaze, a new project involving members from a handful of defunct Bay Area groups including Mayyors and Blasted Canyons.


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