Watch: A-1 and Roach Gigz Rap in the Tour Van for “Speaker”

What happens when you decide to shoot an entire rap video inside a moving tour van filled with people and a bottle of Bombay Sapphire? This fun new clip for “Speaker,” by local MC A-1 and featuring Roach Gigz, will give you some idea: Lots of bouncing, sleeping, masked men passing bottles, and, for the viewer, some rather stomach-churning camera movement.

But screw the nausea, because “Speaker” is worth it just for A-1's syrupy flow and Roach Gigz's irrepressible silliness. (Note the part where lip-synching breaks down.) And director WooStaar's on-screen verbiage and busted-VHS aesthetic give this tour van vid a fresh look. Next time you see a big van full of rappers passing you on the freeway, just hope they're having this much fun:

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