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Watch: Harry the Nightgown Debut First Single, ‘Ping Pong’


Sami Perez — co-founder of San Francisco indie rock veterans The She’s and house engineer at John Vanderslice’s iconic Tiny Telephone recording studio — has a new musical project.

Perez formed Harry the Nightgown with fellow Tiny Telephone engineer and Los Angeles-based psych-rocker Spencer Hartling after they met in a Ventura dive bar in 2014.

The pair began work on their self-titled debut LP back in 2018 and are finally ready to share the first single from the record, “Ping Pong.”

Tracked at Tiny Telephone, the album zig-zags across subgenres and moods, and has drawn comparisons to the Dirty Projectors and Deerhoof.

Though the two were romantically involved for a time, they are no longer together — a fact which gives this collaboration added heft, especially considering Perez and Hartling not only remained creative partners, but are now business partners, as well (they recently founded the Grandma’s Couch recording studio with Vanderslice in Los Angeles).

“We were nervous picking a first single, because it’s our introduction to the world as Harry the Nightgown,” the band said in a statement. “We’re so excited to share “Ping Pong” because it is a pretty raw exhibition of what we are. This song sat for a while as just a repetitive guitar part over a drum machine. It took us some time, but the song eventually grew into a representation of our ability to collaborate, which, as ex-partners committing to a merged creative outlet, is a painful yet fruitful process.”

Watch the music video for “Ping Pong,” shared exclusively with SF Weekly, below.

Harry the Nightgown will be released digitally and on vinyl through the band’s own Wiggle World label, and on cassette through Topshelf Records, on Aug. 7.

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