Watch: Kat Robichaud Goes to Dr. Who-ville in “Somebody Call the Doctor”

The Voice season 5 contestant Kat Robichaud was something of a fan favorite on that show for her stage presence, her strong, not-afraid-to-get-growly-vocals, and for being, well, the only real “rocker girl” the season had to offer.

Following her elimination last fall, Robichaud is currently attempting that old TV show contestant hat trick — parlaying her fanbase from the show into a independent career in entertainment. Seems like she's faring better than many, so far, raising more than $40,000 to record Kat Robichaud and the Darling Misfits, her first solo record (she previously recorded and toured with The Design). After recording this year in her native North Carolina, Robichaud picked up and moved to San Francisco, answering the question, “Does anybody move to San Francisco anymore to be a musician?”

Anyway: Since arriving here, she's been playing regular nights at the Boom Boom Room, as well as joining up with David Bowie enthusiasts/performance art/off-kilter, cultish musical theater crew the First Church of the Sacred Silversexual.

[jump] Robichaud's solo record is set for a Jan. 27 release on RED/Sony, and here we have the first single for it — a Dr. Who-themed number, featuring the singer's considerable vocal talent over an energetic gypsy-blues-rock guitar riff and keys. Check out the lyric video below, featuring Robichaud and several Dr. Who-like humans turned loose on San Francisco. 

She'll play the Chapel on Jan. 9 and the DNA Lounge on Jan. 17. 

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