Watch Les Sins Start a Dance Party at the BART Station in This Video for “Why”

The entire chillwave-loving Internet gasped an excited gasp earlier this year when it heard that Chaz Bundick, better known as the Berkeley-dwelling force behind Toro y Moi, had been at work on an upbeat, dancey new side project: Les Sins. Well, that project's debut LP, Michael, finally dropped yesterday, and to celebrate, Bundick released this video for the party-ready, irresistibly geeky-funky single “Why,” featuring fellow East Bayer Nate Salman of Waterstrider on vocals (and sick moves).

Should you be confused about what you're supposed to do while listening to this track, let Salman and Bundick lead you through a variety of possibilities: Dancing at a BART station, dancing on a bus, dancing on the street, etc. Oh, and it helps if you have a motion-sensor bodysuit, though we might try some of this at home later with a Hypercolor t-shirt.

[jump] Check the video below, and head to 1015 Folsom tonight, Nov. 13, to catch Les Sins as part of  Bundick's Michael tour. 

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