Watch: Ramon and Jessica Report “The Beginning of the End of the Empire” in Gorgeous A Capella

It's hard to say what's better about this new video for Ramon and Jessica's “The Beginning of the End of the Empire”: the song itself, which is a gorgeous a capella tune carried through lovely verses by only the words and sounds of their singer's voices, or the video, which might be brilliant. Dina Maccabee and Jesse Olsen Bay (the real names of the artists) play an anchor and reporter during a fake newscast covering what seems to be the beginning of the end of the world: war, protest, missile strikes, presidential speeches. The video smartly incorporates the lyrics to the song, even placing the “bum” and “khe” sounds that serve as percussion into the news ticker at the bottom of the screen.

Shot by Jim Granato, it's a brilliant send-up of our media-saturated, breaking-news-alert-addicted culture. And the fact that this clever video carries a pretty song makes it only better. Check out the video, and below that find a stripped-down clip of Ramon and Jessica performing the song sans effects or characters of any kind.


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