Watch: Roach Gigz Made a Video for 'Syrup Thighs' on His Tropical Vacation

Low-budget rap videos are a comedy genre all their own — see this wacked-out clip for S.F. rhymer Roach Gigz's “Syrup Thighs” for proof. Having blown a wad of cash on a Hawaiian (?) vacation, Gigz apparently had little money/time/interest left for effects, filming, glassware, and, uh, a storyline. So we get a mishmash of Gigz sitting on the beach in basketball shorts, girls (who are not in Hawaii, but are in swimsuits) casting flirty looks at a very up-close camera, and Gigz rockin' back on his hotel room balcony — all while Mr. Roachy Balboa sips off a stryofoam cup. Yes, a styrofoam cup — and you're already offended, we'd suggest you not find out where it ends up.

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