Watch: S.F. Feminist Punks Frightwig Battle the “War on Women”

San Francisco's Frightwig has been fighting the battles of feminism since the early 1980s. Never subtle, always in your face, Frightwig gave songs titles like “My Crotch Does Not Say Go” and invited men in the audience to come onstage and strip during certain songs. But the battle for equal rights for women is — to say the least — far from over, and Frightwig hasn't stopped fighting. The band, which reformed in 2012 after a decade in retirement, has a new video for “War on Women,” a song addressing the pernicious ways sexism arises in the the world today, from vaginal ultrasound to “legitimate rape.” The video splices together images from women's rights battles throughout history, and the song is a full-on assault from the punk rockers, who play the Chapel tomorrow, Wednesday, June 18:

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