Watch: The Coup Puts Patton Oswalt in a Silly Video For a Serious Song

Hey, Patton Oswalt is funny! Super funny! Especially in this new video for the Coup's “The Magic Clap,” where the actor/comedian/human jellybean uses himself, a sofa, and a battery of small props to illustrate — with the help of the lyrics — a somber, angry, stupendously catchy song about inequality in America. But he makes it look so funny!

Chalk it up as one more clever move from these most skilled of rap propagandists, a group we just last week crowned the Best Local Hip-Hop Truth Serum in the Bay Area. To reiterate why they won: You will watch this video because Patton Oswalt is humorous, and you will leave with a subversive Coup song in your head. It's brilliant. And funny.

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