Watch: The Coup's “Guillotine” Is A Funky Agitprop Masterpiece

With the election only weeks away, it's a perfect time for a new video from the Coup, the radical Oakland hip-hop group whose leader, Boots Riley, was one of the loudest agitators in the city's Occupy movement. The group is back with a new album, Sorry to Bother You, on Oct. 30, and the first taste is a funky, hip-hop hybrid that anchors itself pretty much immediately in your ears.

The group's new clip for “Guillotine” also doesn't bother with much subtlety in its indictment of the 1 percent: Riley and crew come as characters from an Oakland version of Wizard of Oz — with Riley as the scarecrow — and head to the money-grubbing wizard's inner sanctum to take their revenge on the top-hatted banker. What does that revenge entail? We bet you can guess.

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