Wednesday's Pick: Giant Wednesday at the Red Vic

Giant Wednesday

Red Vic Movie House

2 p.m., 7:15 p.m., 9:15 p.m.; $6-$9

Remember during the Mavericks surf contest, when the bad wave attacked the audience? Imagine what that wave looked like when it first broke, half a mile to the west. Those are the waves Powerlines Productions keeps filming, year after year, producing an ever-growing ribbon of footage, which it periodically takes a pair of scissors to — snip — so it can release another film. Here's a dirty secret of surf films: They have boring parts. When your whole film is basically the same thing happening over and over, interest may ebb like a full-moon tide. Powerlines gets around this by picking the best parts from its back catalogue — Aquaholics, 100Ft. Wednesday, Fueled, Down the Line, and Ride On — for Giant Wednesday: Best of Powerlines Productions. It also has the best part of a film the directors haven't even released yet, which concerns Mavericks during — think hard — last winter. You're in luck: It was a big winter.

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