Weekend Parties: White Ring and Deathface, Com Truise, Stacey Pullen, and More

Pull out your rabbits feet and/or any other good luck charms, because Friday the 13th is almost here. And while it might not be as good of an excuse to party as Halloween, we've got a full roster of events to keep you busy. Besides, isn't 13 lucky in some cultures? Read on — your weekend awaits.

Friday, July 13

What: White Ring and Deathface

Where: DNA Lounge

When: 10 p.m – 2 a.m.

Why: There's no better way to celebrate the eeriness of Friday the 13th than at 120 Minutes. The goth and hip-hop-tinged Mission staple is branching out into virgin territory this Friday by throwing an 18+ party at DNA Lounge. To help them do it, they've enlisted the help of two appropriately dark artists. First up is White Ring, the New York-based drag/bass/stop-calling-it-witch-house outfit whose live spectacle is near-Wagnerian in its totality. Listen to “Suffocation” and “We Rot” to hear White Ring's unique mixture of leaned-out hip hop and industrial dread. Also on the bill is Deathface, a Trouble & Bass-affiliated artist whose bio includes this epically quotable one-liner: “UNPROTECTED SEX IRRESPONSIBLE DRUG USE DEVIL WORSHIP SENSELESS FUCKING VIOLENCE.” Sounds pretty badass.

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