Weekend Party Preview: Beats in Space, Blood on the Dancefloor

We made it through a crazy week of (typical) San Francisco weather swings–and now, our weekend party options seem to be running on a similar “everything goes” theme. Between a twisted rave, a spaced-out disco, a Latin-flavored techno club, and a dark-wave throwback night, the Weekend Party Preview offers as many shifts in mood as March's shifts in temperature. Let's just all cross our fingers we're offered a reprieve from that hail–at least until Monday rolls back around.

Friday, March 12

What: Fake Blood, Boy 8-Bit, and more
Where: Mezzanine
When: 9 p.m. – 3 a.m.
Why: This dirty little shindig is sure to help prove that electro-house is alive and well. As Fake Blood, DJ Touché (who also doubles as one-half of The Black Ghosts) pushes distorted dance music on teaming throngs. The crunchy, ascending bassline and straightforward dance beat in Fake Blood's hit single “Mars” are ideal indicators of how he plans on transporting you to  another world.

What: Beats in Space w/ Mike Simonetti, Tim Sweeney, and Linger & Quiet
Where: Triple Crown
When: 9 p.m. – 3 a.m.
Why: Backed by such contemporary icons as Mike Simonetti of Italians Do it Better and DFA compatriot Tim Sweeney, this is sure to be a memorable edition of the monthly cosmic disco Beats in Space. Special guests Linger & Quiet — whose outsider pop and psychedelic house cuts come all the way from Portland–help round out the evening. Tonight is also Sweeney's birthday celebration: come for the epic dance tunes, stay for the cake.

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