What Makes a Great Music Festival? Five Pointers From the Treasure Island Lineup

The Treasure Island lineup came out today, and in contrast to certain other, major San Francisco music festival, the response — from what we've seen anyway — has been all positive. As well it should be. The lineup this year is excellent — not just good, but really, really good. And not just because we happen to like a lot of the bands playing. There's a curatorial aspect to booking a truly remarkable festival that goes beyond merely getting well-liked artists. Here are five elements that make for a great festival, along with examples from this year's Treasure Island lineup.

1. Well-established greats
Belle & Sebastian aren't old, exactly, but they're established enough to have headlined world tours and played shows at, say, the Hollywood Bowl with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. They're a blockbuster indie-pop band, with the kind of adoring fan base and reputation it takes years (if not decades) to build. Belle & Sebastian are a big reason that Sunday's Treasure Island lineup is off-the-hook. Also somewhat in this category: Superchunk and !!!

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