What Music To See on Halloween, and What Your Choice Says About You

From the latest SF Weekly:

Halloween Music: If you want to know where you're at in life, take a good long look at your Halloween plans. Does the phrase “Halloween plans” translate as “Netflix and take-out” to you? Will your All Hallow's Eve be given over to taking the kiddies trick-or-treating? Or have you bought tickets to go see the S.F. Symphony play a Hitchcock score live? If you answered yes, stop reading now. Those are fine options, but this guide is for those who've already taken off Friday, Nov. 1, in anticipation of a massive hangover and/or serotonin deficit. In other words, for those who, regardless of budget, relationship status, age, or musical taste, want to free the ugliness inside their heads, pants, and/or stomachs. We've culled S.F.'s massive Halloween events down to six solid live music options, each with a few helpful pointers on what kind of persons, costumes, and experiences to expect. Behold:

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