What To Do? Our Pick For Tonight's Entertainment

Wednesday (and Thursday) Night Out

Though they hail from opposite ends of the American Empire — rainy Seattle, Washington, and sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico, respectively — The Spits and Davila 666 share a love of raucous punk rock'n'roll and the wild time it often inspires.

Last month Davila 666 took over Thee Parkside for a Wednesday blowout that was as packed and sweaty as any weekend rager: “Pure unadulturated fun of the sloppiest kind” is how SF Weekly music editor Jennifer Maerz rightly described it. “Each of the songs by these Spanish-singing garage punks explodes like a little stack of dynamite, lit by gang vocals, or high wolf howls, or a tempo that moves swiftly as a schoolyard fight.”

Not ones to be easily outdone, The Spits are known for equally outrageous gigs (often featuring 99-cent-store costumes) that rip through snotty, Ramones-inspired slop-pop that has turned more than one venue's dancefloor into a swirling sea of bodies and beer.

Both bands are on a mini-tour together, so you get two chances to see them this week: tonight (all ages) and Thursday (21+) at Thee Parkside. — John Graham

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