What To Do? Thursday's Pick: Sketchfest Opens w/ Tim and Eric

SF Sketchfest Opening Night w/ Tim and Eric @ Mezzanine

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, the wicked talent behind Adult Swim's Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, swan dive into bizarre and unproven comedy waters (the obvious choices being topics like uptight women and awkward donkey-faced dudes who work in offices). What happened behind the scenes to bring characters like Spaghett to life? Spaghett, an entertainer-for-hire with an aggressively receding hairline who jumps out from behind large plants with spaghetti sauce covering his face, yelling his own name, is impossibly random and totally hilarious.

Tonight's show at Mezzanine, the opening event for SF Sketchfest, features Tim and Eric in their incarnation as Pusswhip Banggang, a possibly-Euro and very jam-band rock outfit that delivers gems like “Kiss Me Once, Shame on You; Kiss Me Twice, Let's Party.” It's good-time supershlock with lots of percussion, a little noodling, and a few dreamcatchers hanging from the chime stands. It's also ridiculously funny and a true treat in a world where even indie comedy can get predictable. Sketchfest has a lot more innovative comedy to deliver over its three-week run, including, in the next few days, the amazing Reggie Watts (Jan 14-16), Comedy Death Ray with Michael Cera and Michael Ian Black (Jan 15), and a tribute to Conan O'Brien (Jan. 17).

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