Where Glam Meets Business: Behind the Scenes at The Lusty Lady

Behind the alluring, glass-enclosed stage at The Lusty Lady,

North Beach's co-op peep show famously bought up in 2003 by its female

performers, hides a warren of narrow red hallways. Visitors step past the establishment's flamboyant sign, into the long mirrored entranceway guarded by

bouncers and flanked by photos of scantily clad women, and then into one of the

many booths that offers them access to either the live show or a selection of

porn. These folks may never stop to consider the cramped quarters behind

the scenes.

There, the 70 or so Lusty Ladies – each of whom dance anywhere from

four to 25 hours a week – glam up with lingerie, leather, and

impressively high heels. They also chat, run a business, and occasionally hang

out eating cereal in the nude.

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