Where's The Love? Michael Bauer Screws It Up For All Of Us So-Called Food Writers

Geez, thanks a lot Michael Bauer. Sure, you're the high-rolling San Francisco food critic who gets to eat for free all the time, but did you really have to go screwing it up for the little guys like us? All we want is a free meal once in a while to supplement our steady diet of peanuts and contempt. But no. You had to go blowing the whistle — and now every restaurant owner in the city will know that all those self-proclaimed food bloggers don't really deserve a free meal.

The topic came up in Bauer's response to a chef-owner's dilemma over an unnamed “food writer” who demanded free dinner and then walked out on the check, only to be chased down by the restaurant's manager. Clearly this so-called journalist was full of shit. Everyone knows that real food writers are too fat to run. And to the conflicted chef-owner: seriously, just tell the next food writer to fuck off, unless of course they promise positive coverage.

And just for the record: it wasn't us, we swear.

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