White Lung: Show Preview

Vancouver punk quartet White Lung released its third LP, Deep Fantasy, last month to what the smart money says will be universal acclaim: It's a 23-minute wallop of stridently in-your-face riot-grrrl paranoia, superficially led by Mish Way's declamatory yawp but actually propelled by a tireless undercurrent of threatening screech and caustic rumble. The whole thing comes together in an irresistibly abrasive but surprisingly tuneful mix, a Molotov cocktail ignited by the shreds of every T-shirt you ever bought at Hot Topic. Getting in the fray are Wax Idols, an Oakland-based combo that manifests the continuation of White Lung's ferocity by comparatively brooding post-punk means — and whose frontwoman, Hether Fortune, recently became the fourth member of that group — and RedRedRed, nom de guerre of San Francisco noir-wave analog manipulator Michael Wood.

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