Who Needs Andre? Big Boi's Tour of Hits Gets Regency Bouncing

Big Boi 

The Knux 
September 23, 2010 
@ The Regency Ballroom 
Better than: Having no members of OutKast show up.
The question is: Big Boi or Andre 3000? 
It's a fun question, at least — and perhaps an impossible one, because even though both members of the hip-hop duo OutKast are in some ways opposites of each other, they couldn't be themselves without the other to reflect upon. Try as they might to emphasize their differences — by releasing separate musical projects and heading off in seemingly divergent musical directions — the baller (Big Boi) and the artist (Andre 3000) have something together that is far stronger than what each has alone.
That's at least how it seemed last night, when the spirit — or maybe the absence — of Andre 3000 hung over Big Boi's speedy, bouncy set at the Regency Ballroom. 'Dre wasn't onstage in the flesh, but his face was all over the videos being projected upon a huge screen at the back of the stage — nearly of them videos of OutKast, the group, not Big Boi, the solo-for-the-moment gangsta/pimp/badass half of the Southern stylemakers. Not the guy we were seeing.

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