Woman Claims She Was Raped by a Drummer Outside of 924 Gilman Street

The drummer of a UK punk band called BLATOIDEA has been accused of raping a girl outside of the all-ages venue 924 Gilman Street on Friday, Jan. 22. The story is swirling around Facebook through a litany of posts written by both the girl's friends, and the drummer, Luke Hackett, himself.

The unnamed victim claims that she was raped at night in the back of her car by Hackett, who, in a separate Facebook post, vehemently denies the incident. “The accusations that have been made about me are completely 100% false,” he wrote in a post. “I have no idea why these false claims have been made but it is completely untrue.” Hackett goes on to say that he has not been contacted by any authorities regarding the crime. 

[jump] Another post, written by the victim but posted on a friend's page to hide her identity, claims that she filed a police report and had a rape test completed. She says she spent roughly eight to 10 hours in the hospital. “I have yet to sleep more than a few hours in the past few days,” she writes. “I can't drive around in my car, which is the only amount of freedom I have left because being around it makes me feel sick to my stomach.”

The victim ends the post by saying that she will be taking time off from social media “until [she] can wrap [her] head around things.”

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