WonderCon, Built to Spill, Too $hort: Your Monday Morning Hangover

Welcome to the working week, true believers! Hearing that is downright painful to the fanboys and girls who attended WonderCon and ditched reality for a three-day festival of imagination and action figures. This is your Monday Morning Hangover.

What went on over the weekend? Pure, unadulterated awesomeness:

– The WonderCon celebrated movies, comics, video games, sci-fi, toys, crappy makeshift costumes, and never getting laid. Attendees caught a panel with the cast and crew from the upcoming X-Files sequel. Watch the video above for a bootleg someone shot of the teaser trailer, intended only for the eyes of those who went to WC. Well, up until you push “play.”

Too $hort got it while the gettin' was good at 1015 Folsom

– And the Rock Gods saw fit to bestow upon us a rather excellent performance from Built to Spill.

Coming up this week:

-Noise Pop madness! This year's festival is chock full of stuff to check out, be it the Mountain Goats, Magnetic Fields, Human Giant, or your own favorite obscure band you think are way better. Elitist jerk. Check out our critic's picks, they might help you decide what shows are worthwhile. You must choose, but choose wisely.

And if all the scheduled Noise Pop shows just don't cut it, then you demand too much out of life. Thumb through our calendar for some alternatives. Until next week, Excelsior! — Oscar Pascual

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