Yelle Struts with Adorable French Enthusiasm at the Regency Ballroom


French Horn Rebellion

May 19, 2011

@ The Regency Ballroom

Better Than: DIY Jazzercise in your living room.

If there's one lesson show-goers can take away from a live Yelle performance, it's that enthusiasm will get you everywhere. And sometimes, it means getting physically removed from a venue by security guards for planting your Keds on the balcony railing and gyrating too dangerously for 15 minutes during the encore. Such is the dedication of the French electropop trio's fan base.

Of course, Yelle was dishing it right back at 'em. For about two hours straight last night, Brittany-born Julie Budet did what she does best, which is strut, writhe, vogue, and rockette-kick her way into the hearts of anyone who watches her for more than five minutes — regardless of how repetitive she gets, or how little of what she's singing you understand.

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