Yes, the Warriors Moving to S.F. Would Mean a Big New Concert Arena in the City

San Francisco is so tiny, dense, and developed that the only way to put a new stadium here is to build one on top of some piers over the bay.

Okay, so that's not a huge surprise. But building a giant arena over the bay was the dead-serious plan announced yesterday by city officials and the owners of the Golden Gate Warriors. They want to move the team from its home in the 510 — Oracle Arena, which opened in 1966 and was renovated in 1996 — to a new stadium at Piers 30-32 in San Francisco. The proposal involves shops, restaurants, a somewhat terrifying lack of parking, and a clear ambition on the part of the team's billionaire owners to reside in S.F., the money and style capital of the Bay Area, not ol' underdog Oakland.

Regardless of your thoughts on the Warriors plans to move, the new arena would mean one big thing for S.F. music fans: Going to see a Top 40 act in an arena would no longer necessarily require driving to Oakland or San Jose.

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