Yesway: Show Preview

Yesway is an experimental folk project fronted by former Bay Area residents Emily Ritz (DRMS and Honeycomb) and Kacey Johansing (Honeycomb). Sumptuous harmonies and two chiming acoustic guitars are the duo's hallmark, but they stretch the boundaries of traditional songwriting with their skewed sense of time, lack of a verse/chorus structure, and a penchant for wordless, jazzy vocal improvisations. One moment they sound like they're channeling an indie rock incarnation of Billie Holiday, then they're drifting through dreamy atmospheres that suggest a bossa nova band from outer space, with just a touch of dissonant rock to keep things earthbound. This week, Yesway will be celebrating the release of its eponymous first album as the special guests of Spanish Gold and Clear Plastic Masks.

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