‘YOLO’ Reported as Name of Club Replacing Slim’s

Owners of Pure Lounge in Sunnyvale have a new vision for the venerable venue.

“You only live once” — or #YOLO, in the parlance of our times — is something of a millennial maxim. In its abbreviated, hashtagged form, it is frequently found attached to late-night Instagram shots taken inside and outside of clubs, the implication being that those in front of, or behind, the lens are truly living their best lives.

It can be hard to tell when the catchphrase is being used ironically or in earnest. Except when your mother uses it. Your mother is always using #YOLO in earnest.

It also just so happens that YOLO is the proposed name of the EDM and Top-40, DJs-only club that is poised to take over the space vacated by Slim’s back in March.

We heard about it thanks to Gabe Meline, senior editor of KQED Arts. It’s unclear if the former bassist of The Mr. T Experience plans to one day attend the new club. But, according to this Flickr user and setlist.fm, it looks like Meline played the venerable venue on June 29, 2001. Maybe they performed “Spy vs. Spy.”

Meline’s report has all the details on YOLO — including a rundown of the velvet rope partitions, which will be guarded by suited-and-booted bouncers strictly enforcing the club’s dress code.


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