You Gotta Check Out Blackalicious' Sports-Themed Redux of “Alphabet Aerobics”

Blackalicious' “Alphabet Aerobics” is one of those hip-hop tracks that transcend the genre. What began as one of the finest displays of lyrical fluency became a meme before people ever knew what a meme was. “Have you heard that rap song where the dude goes through the alphabet rapping words that start with each letter?” is what everyone would say. Even recently, the Harry Potter dude covered it admirably on Fallon. The track vaulted Blackalicious up from the underground and, 20 years later, Gift of Gab and Chief Xcel are still making music. 

Now, Blackalicious teamed up with Bleacher Report to drop a crazy, cool version of the classic track called “Sports Alphabet.” It sticks with the theme of alphabetically-ordered alliterative rhymes, but now it's all sports-centric. The opening bars are: “Alley-alley-alley-alley-oop on amateurs/ Air above all and any actors is average,” and it keeps going from there. A lot of the punctuating words riff on the original, so it sounds familiar to long-time fans. 

[jump] I'm all for any way to bring dope hip-hop to the masses, and combining it with sports is one way to do it. SF-based agency BarrettSF worked with Bleacher Report and Blackalicious to develop the “Sports Alphabet” concept and production house Gentleman Scholar made unique visuals for each letter's bars in the badass animated video below. Enjoy and check out our September feature on Blackalicious' new album release. 

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