Your Friday Morning Pre-Party

Goddam, what a hellish week. First no Halloween in the Castro, then no election vibe anywhere the City. What's happening to this town? We need to start drinking immediately. Let the Friday morning pre-party begin.

First the music: open up this link to SoCalled's myspace and click to stream their party track “Good Ole Days”. Feel that Hebe flow? Nice, ain't it?

Now, looking back at this week, first, we toast to MIA's awesome shows and another great batch of work from Creep Machine's Josh.

We also toast to the asshat commenters that made our Battles coverage and our Armenian Genocide coverage the “most commented” thing to read on the site. We fucking hate you, commenters, we hope you know that.

Upcoming this weekend we're pounding one at Feist at Herbst theater tonight, Ben Harper and Ween's shows Saturday night, and the Animation fest through Sunday.

And that should be enough drinking to give us a fat Monday Morning Hangover. So look out for that. Peace. Love. Death Metal.

This video will take you out.

(Your Friday morning pre-party kicks off every Friday morning around 8 a.m. Because we are lushes. Send us your pics, videos, mp3s, events, and links if you want to be part of the party. If not, that's your bad.)

–David Downs| “Communist Party” Photo Courtesy of Threadless

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