Your Monday Morning Hangover: Noise Pop 2008

Welcome to a brand new week devoid of any grandiose conventions and festivals. Boo this week! At least we have Erykah Badu's new album to listen to. Check out her new video up top, it's got a great concept with a beat so sweet, you gotta schedule a dental check-up afterwards. This is your Monday Morning Hangover.

What went down over the weekend?

— Noise Pop is what went down. We caught The Mountain Goats record some stuff. We've also got a ton of slideshows and notes from this year's festival. Come back in a little bit and peep pics from Quasi, The Dodos, Cursive, and Port O'Brien.

And come back next week when we bring back words and shots from:

— The Raveonettes at the Independent

— Jay Howell's “Punks Git Cut” premiere at 11 Minna

— The San Francisco Fetish Ball

Now quit playing around on the Internet and get to work! — Oscar Pascual

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