Yppah: Show Preview

Yppah — the recommended pronunciation is “yippah,” but say it however makes you happy — is the stage name of Long Beach-based sound impressionist Joe Corrales Jr., whose film score-ready productions marry busily skittering electro breaks and a palette of trip-hop signifiers with a healthy slab of otherworldly nostalgia. “Bushmills,” the recently released single from Corrales' forthcoming fourth full-length, suggests he's continuing to mine the same vein, while ceding a little more space to the sun-dappled psych-pop that began to surface circa 2009's They Know What Ghost Know. Along with the prolific Canadian rapper-turned-producer-turned-instrumentalist Elaquent, Corrales is opening for Manhattan beatmaker Blockhead, who parlayed his terrific production on Aesop Rock's early albums into a solo career replete with cameos far and wide throughout the backpack-rap scene.


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