Yukon Blonde: Show Preview

If you have any plans to spend your summer in the placid wilderness, Yukon Blonde is essential for your trip playlist. The Vancouver four-piece started life in 2005 as Alphababy (“the worst name of all time,” according to guitarist/vocalist Jeff Innis) before adopting its current moniker, which references “a denial of gray hair.” Innis once called his group's sound “just melody-based rock 'n' roll with harmonies,” but that bland description makes no mention of its sweet spirit and appreciation of nature. The thrilling power-pop of “Stairway” would make grand ceremonial music for entering a forest (“I'm hoping, I'm hoping that I could be home right now/ The feel of the breeze, the smell of the trees under my brow”), and when you've finally achieved lakeside nirvana, you can indulge in the folky, soft-edged sounds of “Wind Blows” and “Water.”

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