Zach Schwartz, Frontman of Rogue Wave, On Moving To San Rafael, Appearing In The Movies, And Why It Sucks To Be A Musician Nowadays

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Rogue Wave frontman and founder Zach Schwartz for an article on the band's newest album, Delusions of Grand Fur. For a good half-hour, Schwartz and I chatted about all manner of things, much of which didn't make it in to the print article. 

Because Schwartz is such an interesting guy — and had so much to say — I figured I'd publish his unused quotes here on All Shook Down for its own, separate article. 

[jump] If you're a fan of the indie-rock band — or just local bands, in general — this is a must read. Check out Schwartz's comments below. 

On being a musician today: 
I think anyone who is in the music business is a fucking idiot because it's a terrible business and the daggers are always poking at your back. There's such cynicism. Everything is so disposable and there's so little time to even ruminate on melody anymore. It's always about the narrative or the fashion or something that's not really related to the music itself. There's so little time to make any kind of impression, especially after your first album comes out. I remember when our second album came out there was a lot of press about how we were this old band. And I was like, 'Really? It's our second album.'

On watching the band's cameo in the Jennifer Aniston movie Love Happens:
When Love Happens finished shooting, I had to give approval because we appeared in it. So the director flew me down to L.A. I thought I was going to the movie lot where they were editing it, but I got driven into the Hollywood Hills in a fancy car. I was like, 'What is happening?' And I go into this house and this house looked like it was from the show Entourage. I walk in and there's this amazing view and an infinity pool. They open the door and I swear it was like being in a movie because I walked inside into a full movie theater, but without seats, just editing bays and chairs. And there was this enormous screen and it was all in this director's house. So I sit down and they tell me they need to screen it so I can approve it. And I'm watching it and it's so funny. Jennifer Aniston says “Rogue Wave” and then you see us playing. It was very surreal. 

On moving from Oakland to San Rafael: 
It's beautiful. I've made a lot of friends here. And there's so much hiking and access to so much stuff out here. I never even spent any time here. There's so many parks and so much to do outside. It makes the weekends really beautiful and relaxed. 

On the title of Rogue Wave's new album, Delusions of Grand Fur:
I'll have these phrases stuck in my head, sort of like a melody. They're like words that I see and they just repeat themselves over and over in my mind. And when we began working on this record, that expression of delusions of grandeur wouldn't leave me alone. It was bothering me. And I just knew that's what our album was called. Despite whatever the meaning of it was, it was out of my hands. Like that was what the album was going to be called. I told Pat and he was a little annoyed because he doesn't like puns very much, but then I kind of gave him my best explanation for why I thought that's what our album should be called and he agreed it was okay. I felt like I didn't have a choice. Like that's what it was going to be called. 

On listening to The Beatles growing up and believing he was related to them:
When I was a child, I thought that The Beatles were in my family because the music was playing all the time and their pictures were on the walls and my parents would refer to them by their first names. So I thought they were friends of the family or just in my family. They talked so lovingly about them: about the witticisms that John had or how silly Ringo was. When John Lennon died, the way my family responded — the tears and the horror and all that — I thought definitely that dude was in my family and now he no longer he is. Only until I got older did I realize how far off from the truth that was. 

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