Zion-I perform at NAACP Anniversary Celebration

The NAACP turns 100 this year, and youth outreach is on their mind. Perhaps inspired by Barack Obama's historic Presidential campaign–and the large number of young voters who participated in the process–they've joined forces with a new activist group, “Citizen Hope,” and are throwing events specifically targeting the hip-hop generation.

This Wednesday, the NAACP and Citizen Hope present “A Party for the Century,” featuring headliner Zion-I, along with DJs Manny Black, Proof, and King Most. Speakers include City Attorney Dennis Herrera, Equal Justice Society President Eva Patterson, and San Francisco School Board President Kim-Shree Maufas. It all goes down at Mighty; more information can be peeped here. We're just happy that the NAACP has finally discovered hip-hop in this, its centennial.

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