Zola Jesus and JG Thirlwell Work Out Some Kinks at the Palace of Fine Arts, 9/26/13

Zola Jesus and JG Thirlwell with Magik*Magik Quartet

Thursday, Sept. 25, 2013

Palace of Fine Arts

Better than: Dinner and a movie.

It's quiet outside the Palace of Fine Arts this Thursday night, a few people milling around looking for the entrance to this massive edifice with a massive-er monument outside. Inside, it's not much livelier. Youngish bears with freshly coifed beards brush past neo-goths on date night with plenty of impeccably bland straight hipsters padding out the remainder. We take our seats at 8 p.m. sharp and the pre-gig buzz is less rock and more Thursday night art-house revival at the Roxie. The PA plays some barely audible low-key post-punk in the vein of This Heat. What's this show all about? Is this a night for fans of Zola Jesus' (née Nika Roza Danilova) crooning, or JG Thirlwell's neo-orchestral dalliances? It's never wise to have too many expectations, but as the clock continued to run past the 8 o'clock mark, almost everything under the Palace's harsh house lights seemed in conflict with any you cared to hold.

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