Zolar X


When Zolar X was on the '70s Los Angeles music scene, audiences weren't sure what to make of spacesuited guys with Spock-like helmet hair playing over-the-top Hawkwind-meets-Bowie glam rock. Existing from 1972 to 1981, the band of self-professed extraterrestrials recorded much of its brilliantly bombastic “rocket roll” but released almost none of it. After unearthing a copy of the group's nigh-unobtainable album at S.F.'s Aquarius Records, Alternative Tentacles honcho Jello Biafra rereleased it properly, a mere 23 years after Zolar X called it quits. With extensive liner notes, hilarious photos, and infectious interstellar anthems rescued from the dustbin of obscurity, Timeless is a first-rate work of musical archaeology and makes for an insanely fun party record with such instant classics as “Jet Star 19,” “Space Age Love,” and the 16.5-minute rock opera “Plutonian Elf Story.”

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