104 Year-Old Woman Attends First Giants Game

Just a week after we heard about the local teen who got his long-time wish granted, when he rode BART for the first time, another adorable news bulletin came over the transom.

A 104 year-old woman attended her first Giants game Wednesday at AT&T Park, and consumed her first platter of garlic fries, according to a tweet from KTVU reporter Fred Inglis. Captured on a grainy stadium monitor, she appears to be decked out in Giants paraphernalia, partaking in all the timeworn traditions of America's favorite pastime.

[jump] It seems she picked a good day to go. After a rough middle stretch, the Giants beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 7-5 , which suggests they may win again in this woman's lifetime.

Not to mention the woman got to see something that may have never happened before: a double play via a walk

But try explaining that to a 104 year-old rookie.

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