175 Mayors Launch Coalition Against LGBT Discrimination

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is a co-founder of the group, along with mayors from Philadelphia, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

A group of mayors from around the country gathered Wednesday to show their support for LGBT rights through the launch of a unique coalition. Called “Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination,” the new group  seeks to provide support and resources for LGBT groups and individuals on a local level, in order to “advance equality and affirm the dignity of all.”

The launch of the coalition was announced Wednesday morning at a breakfast roundtable in Washington, D.C., where many politicians are gathering for pre-inauguration events. At the event, mayors and local officials discussed what they could do to support their LGBT constituents and advance equal protections at home.

The co-chairs and founders of the coalition include our own San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee; Seattle Mayor Ed Murray; DC Mayor Muriel Bowser; and Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney. More than 175 mayors from 42 states have so far signed up for the cause.

“San Francisco is a stronger city in part due to the invaluable members of our LGBT community,” said Mayor Lee. “The vision for Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination seeks to take the very best of the advancements for equality that have been made in cities such as San Francisco and provide a template to support mayors across the country who want to do what’s right for their constituents, and join the efforts at the national level.”

While our liberal bubble may make it seem like LGBT rights have already been won, that’s not the case nationwide. Thirty-two states still lack comprehensive protections for LGBT people. And with an impending Trump presidency, concerns about our federal policies are also rising to the surface.

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