17th Street Castle Catches Fire

Around three o’clock in the afternoon on Saturday a column of black smoke unraveled over Dolores Park and several dozen hipsters lifted their noses to the sky and wondered what had caused it. A nearby house had caught fire, and not just any house, but the unusually decorated abode on 17th Street between Church and Sanchez that sports a garage door emblazoned with a large blue Buddha head and a trompe l’oeil façade of green bricks.

By the time I hoofed it over there, the black smoke had been reduced to a sputtering gray and four fire trucks and over a dozen fire fighters were on the scene taking care of business. There was no damage visible on the outside.

The only spectacle a cluster of rubberneckers were treated to was when a hose nearly escaped the grasp of a fireman who shouted for help and threw his body on top of it. Several nearby fire fighters ran to help their compatriot and the result has a well contained fire hose and a wet dogpile of firefighters. A poorly composed picture of this incident after the jump. Don’t worry, I’ve drawn an arrow pointing you toward the action.

Condolences to whoever owns that uniquely painted home.

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