2004: A Year of Mayoral Triumph

The year in review, through the lens of San Francisco Mayor Matt Gonzalez's first 12 months in office

What a year it was! In 2004, a young, handsome, husky-voiced mayor became a national celebrity, and the city was changed for good. Who could forget the heartwarming scenes at City Hall? Or the mayor's brave and always-surprising positions: on marriage, on the homeless, on the Turkish rug? Who didn't blush at the wicked remarks that poured from the pouty lips of a prominent political wife? Let's go back and look once more at the year gone by. Our tour begins on Jan. 8, with the new mayor taking his oath, and from there follows the whirlwind that was his first 355 days in office. If there's one thing that's apparent from the headlines, the story of 2004 had but one star: Mayor Matt Gonzalez.

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