$36,000 In Tips Burgled From Local Chinese Restaurant

As a wise tip jar once said: No, tipping is not a city in China. Chinese restaurant Koi Palace in Daly City's Serramonte Plaza was burglarized early this week when suspects slipped inside through an unlocked door and — here's the crazy part — made off with a whopping $36,000 in cash that was being kept in a “cabinet.” Ever heard of a safe Koi Palace? Not to mention maybe locking the door, or better yet, making a deposit? That seems like a hell of a lot of cash for a restaurant to have on premises. The Examiner's clip offers this tidbit by way of explanation:

“When the restaurant’s employees came to work in the morning, they found that a cabinet containing a cash box was pried open and $36,288 in tips was missing, police said. According to Edwards, the tips had been accumulating for a week.”

Wait a minute: $36,000 IS A WEEK IN TIPS? Damn, I'd better go back to being a waiter. Granted, the place does seat 400 people, but still. Wow.

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