4.0 Quake and 12 Aftershocks Rattle Fremont This Morning

The 4.0 magnitude earthquake that rattled Fremont early this morning was the first activity along the Hayward Fault since 1868, according to the US Geological Survey. The quake, which lasted about five seconds, was felt in more than 250 zip codes, including places as far south as Santa Cruz. Twelve aftershocks were also felt (with more possible). Luckily, no injuries or damage have been reported.

[jump] According to Kron 4, the largest aftershock was a 2.6 magnitude quake that struck 3 kilometers northeast of Fremont.

And, in case last week’s New Yorker story about the earthquake-tsunami tag team due to devastate the Pacific Northwest didn’t unsettle you, the 2003 Working Group for California Earthquake Probability said there’s a 27 percent chance of a 6.7 magnitude or larger quake hitting the Hayward-Rodgers Creek Fault System in the next 30 years.

Preppers take note

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