49ers Blackout: Life Imitates Art

If nothing else, yesterday's lights-out performance by the San Francisco 49ers' defense offered sportswriters the chance to make gratuitous puns. The hometown side folded, spindled, and mutilated the visiting Pittsburgh Steelers, despite a pair of lengthy — and embarrassing — power outages. No lights? Well, they don't call it Candlestick Park for nothing.

The blackouts forced football fans and broadcasters to suddenly cope with the wholly alien situation of dealing with vast amounts of dead time in the midst of a professional football game. This led to much gnashing of teeth and pointing of fingers between the 49ers and PG&E.

It also led to amateur conspiracy theory-mongering — as if the 49ers needed to pull a stunt like this to prove Candlestick Park is a dump, and as if PG&E needed an excuse to blow up its clientele.

What was missed in all the inaction, however, is that the scene at Candlestick Park eerily resembled a 15-year-old commercial — featuring the 49ers.

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