49ers Holdout Michael Crabtree's Jerseys Gather Dust on S.F. Shelves

On a recent trip to the T.J. Maxx in SOMA — which is kind of like going to Ross except random lunatics haven't ripped and stained all the merchandise and randomly strewn it about — I stumbled into an aisle that could only be called “The Jerseys that Time Forgot.”

On display — and, ostensibly, sale — were Oakland Raiders duds emblazoned with the names and numbers of athletes fans may remember — or are struggling hard to forget: Warren Sapp, Zack Crockett, and, most nightmarish of all, Daunte Culpepper.

Still, according to the store's staff, these jerseys do sell, especially when they go on sale and cost less than a ballpark beer. Yet the attractive, brand-new, crimson home jersey of the 49ers' No. 1 draft pick, Michael Crabtree, is moving even more slowly. That's right: Duante Culpepper is outselling Michael Crabtree.

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