A Love Supreme: High Court Jurists Apparently Have a Yen for S.F. Eateries

So, we weren't at all surprised to see the above headline, “San Francisco restaurants appeal to Supreme Court.” After all, with so many great restaurants to choose from, why shouldn't the local fare be appealing to our highest court? In fact, here's the breakdown:

Chief Justice John Roberts: We hear he's a Schnitzelhaus man. Fellow patrons congratulate him on his near-putsch of Barack Obama brought about by stuttering the swearing-in;

John Paul Stevens: The man who shares two names with the father of America's Navy (John Paul Jones — no, not the guy from Led Zep) enjoys the Old Ship Saloon: He regrets he has but one life to give for its Henry Klee Burger;

Antonin Scalia: You think Nino ain't a Gold Mirror man? What am I? A clown? Do I amuse you?

Clarence Thomas: He'll have what Scalia's having. He always does;

Anthony Kennedy: He'll eat at Kennedy's, naturally — the only Irish pub with an Indian restaurant within it;

David Souter: You ever think you were getting something staid and conservative, but it turns out to be wild and liberal? Well, that's how George H.W. Bush feels about Souter — and how Souter feels about his favorite local spot, the Baghdad Cafe (especially after 2 a.m.);

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The court's left-most judge prefers the restaurant on the city's extreme geographical left coast: The Cliff House;

Stephen Breyer: The most optimistic man on the bench is hopeful he can get reservations for Aqua;

Samuel Alito: A youngish, conservative voice, Alito was largely chosen for the high court because, barring food poisoning, he'll be here for a while. So he likes restaurants where the meal takes for-fucking-ever: Try Ton-Kiang dim sum, where they keep wheeling around the carts and Sam keeps grabbing another plate … and another, and another. Talk about an argument against prior restraint!

By the way, the real story is here.

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